Thursday, 13 May 2021

Sat 15 May - Women Composers Collective - Laura Budzelek / Gabi Lunca

Women Composers Collective. Featuring work by three composers, Kati Em, Amanda Johnson and Laura Budzelek. Budzelek talks about her work as a multilingual songwriter and her Anglophile tastes which have always shown through her New York roots. Plus music from Romanian singer Gabi Lunc─â who died of COVID-19 in Bucharest this April.

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Sat 8 May - Sally Bayley - No Boys Play Here

Sally Bayley talks about 'No Boys Play Here: A Story of Shakespeare and My Family's Missing Men'. Her first book in this trilogy, 'Girl with Dove' wrote about her young imagination, her sense of hers and the experience of going into care. This second part of coming-to-age climbs up the hill to look down on her environment, takes stock of the Sussex small town social topography and attempts to make sense of the role of men when the adult males close in her family appear insecure and without a stable place in the world, metaphorically expressed in the figure of Shakespeare Falstaff whereas at the same time she experiments with dressing like a boy perhaps following the path of many Shakespeare heroines. A discussion of thoughts behind and suggested by her acclaimed experimental, shape-shifting memoir.

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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Sat 1 May - Alex Paxton - Music for Bosch People

Alex Paxton talks about his new album on NMC, Music for Bosch People. He shares thoughts on the technology and ideas that contribute to his unique composing process and tracks from the album including 'Prayer like Strings and Joan Rivers' Also Montague and Tweed launch their new podcast series on Victorian entertainment and nineteenth century performance via their twitter feed @PlaybillMT. 

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Thursday, 22 April 2021

Sat 24 April - Helen Reddington - She's at the Controls - Women in Music Production (Pop industry)

Dr Helen Reddington (aka Helen McCookerybook) discusses her newly published research on women sound engineers and producers, 'She's at the Controls'. Her book is a socio-historic exploration of gender and audio production in the pop music industry with multiple interviews with women audio specialists who report back from their careers and lives in music production.

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Sat 17 April - Stefan Applis - Doing Georgraphy - Svaneti

Stefan Applis discusses possibilities for sustainable tourism in Svaneti, Georgia, his travelogue in development. We discuss ambitions for his own exceptional feed on geographical photography. Discussion on spaces and practices and geographic questions of South Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Plus music from Lakhusdi 'The Singing Village' in Georgia, a ground-breaking cultural tourism initiative.

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Thursday, 8 April 2021

Sat 10 April - April 2021 Poem a Day - Simon Williams

Simon Williams discusses the very popular and long running poetry forum currently titled April 2021 Poem a Day. Thoughts on this community of first drafts to encourage productivity in practising poets. With poems and audio extracts.


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Sat 27 March - Richard Hughes - The Geological Society

Richard Hughes, Executive Secretary from the Geological Society on the importance and wide history of the institutions at a critical point in its lifespan. Find out about upcoming exhibition on the geology of Mars and support the campaign for the Geological Society to remain at Burlington House in Piccadilly, keep the UK national society for geoscience visible, in its historical home and in the heart of the London together with the Linnean Society and the Society of Antiquaries. For more information see