Sunday, 9 December 2018

Sat 15 Dec - SIMON KING - Record collector 1 of 2

Tribute to Simon King (1 of 2). Lover of interesting, intriguing music and friend of Resonance, he left an extensive record collection. As a careful listener who acquired many albums for reference for his own work as a composer, Simon's legacy of records is vast and unique. Playing a selection, reading poems and sharing anecdotes about a man who was a purposeful and inspired collector. Part Two will be broadcast over the Christmas period.

Sat 8 Dec - Rachael Ball - WOLF

Rachael Ball, author and illustrator, discusses her new book WOLF which follows the journey of a small boy and his relationship with his father. Looking at methods of illustration and how we can use the graphic novel express our intimate inner lives through art and word. Her first book 'The Inflatable Woman' expands through magical realism to create a poignant, introspective narrative of fear, zoo-keeping, breast cancer and internet dating.

Listen Again - Rachael Ball - WOLF, a graphic novel

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Sat 1 Dec - LONDON COMPOSERS PLATFORM 2 - David Zucchi and Bertie Douglas

Winter is Coming. Bertie Douglas from the London Composers' Platform and saxophonist composer David Zucchi discuss and share wintry compositions with reference not simply to the seasonal and forthcoming Christmastide but also to environmental, economic and political mood.

Listen Again - London Composers Platform 2 - Music for the Xmas Season

Saturday, 17 November 2018


Carolina Nunez Roca and Vanesa Cejudo Mejias discuss the Women in Visual Arts Biennial 2018 at the County Hall Gallery in London, presented by Brit Es Magazine and MAV Mujeres Visuales and showing creations made by women artists and art professionals both in Spain and internationally. Participating artist-photographer Susana Sanroman, talks about her contribution and her ecologically focused series of large pictures on water and dystopia at the Leica Gallery, Bank until Jan 2019.

Listen Again - Women in Visual Arts Biennial and Brit Es Magazine - 24 Nov 2018

Sat 17 Nov - Anthony Dawton - HOTEL ZAATARI

Anthony Dawton, photographer, discusses portrait and Hotel Zaatari, a contemporary photographic and film journey through the Refugee Camp. In 2010 Anthony Dawton, along with his colleague Jim McFarlane, entered Gaza to observe and document the effect on young people and the challenging landscape that they and their families were living in.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Sat 10 Nov - Kola Tubosun - EDWARDSVILLE BY HEART

Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún, Nigerian poet, linguist and thinker presents his new book and first collection of poems, 'Edwardsville by Heart', a travelogue-memoir. He is known for his work in language advocacy campaigning for Yoruba. In January 2016, he was chosen as a recipient of a Premio Ostana for Mother Tongue Literature (Il Premio Ostana Internazionale Scritture in Lingua Madre 2016), a prize given for writing and notable advocacy for the defence of an indigenous language.

Listen Again - Kola Tubosun - Edwardsville by Heart

Monday, 29 October 2018

Sat 3 Nov - SATIRE - Emily McQuade & Annie Zamero

Satire, painting and stand-up. Working in the fields of visual art and performance two artists discuss how we can present and interpret current affairs and autobiography through different media. Plus live performance from Emily McQuade.

Listen Again - Emily McQuade & Annie Zamero - Satire, painting and stand up