Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sat 3 Oct - Two Years Before the Mast - Improvisation with Grahame Painting

A nautical show, one of our occasional series of improvisations on early journalism.

Journalist and musician Grahame Painting talks about his experiences of the newsroom and features and how roles have changed in the industry.

Grahame and Jude create live in the Resonance FM studio an extended piece based on Richard Henry Dana's seminal early immersive reportage 'Two Years Before the Mast'from the 1840s, the book that informed Moby Dick.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sat 26 Sept - Two poets of place and personal histories, Susie Campbell and Lucy Furlong

Susie Campbell talks about her collection 'The Bitters' derived from her research into the patient at the former asylum where her grandmother was a patient, and Lucy Furlong reads from her collection 'Clew'.
Susie and Lucy share their current projects. Susie is working on a follow-up sequence to 'The Bitters' based on the Enquiry Reports of the Women's Industrial Council and into her reading of the London College of Fashion archive into women's industries. Lucy has been producing a poetry map of areas where her father used to play, a very personal and touching exploration of his neighbourhood where she still lives with her own family in Surrey.

Jude CM sings a Gaelic folk song to remember Lucy's Irish ancestors.

This show has been rescheduled from its original slot of Saturday 19 September.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sat 12 Sept - Philip Ruff on the Sidney Street Siege, the identity of Peter the Painter and the Latvian national and socialist struggle.

When London Met Latvia

Philip Ruff discusses the Sidney Street Siege, the identity of Peter the Painter and the Latvian national and socialist struggle. On 3 January 1911, London witnessed a epic gun battle of state versus anarchist fought in the streets of Whitechapel/Stepney. After this terrible encounter in which unprecedented firepower was used in the civic streets a man hunt began for 'Peter the Painter' who eluded the authorities. Philip Ruff's investigative work in tracking the identity of the wanted figure has uncovered much hitherto unknown information about a much bigger political story that has been overlooked in histories of Europe. The struggle of Latvian people for independence, and the associated drive towards anarchism and socialism is brought to life through Philip's story of the real Peter the Painter, Janis Zhaklis.