Thursday, 13 May 2021

Sat 15 May - Women Composers Collective - Laura Budzelek / Gabi Lunca

Women Composers Collective. Featuring work by three composers, Kati Em, Amanda Johnson and Laura Budzelek. Budzelek talks about her work as a multilingual songwriter and her Anglophile tastes which have always shown through her New York roots. Plus music from Romanian singer Gabi Lunc─â who died of COVID-19 in Bucharest this April.

Listen Again - Women Composers Collective - Laura Budzelek

Sat 8 May - Sally Bayley - No Boys Play Here

Sally Bayley talks about 'No Boys Play Here: A Story of Shakespeare and My Family's Missing Men'. Her first book in this trilogy, 'Girl with Dove' wrote about her young imagination, her sense of hers and the experience of going into care. This second part of coming-to-age climbs up the hill to look down on her environment, takes stock of the Sussex small town social topography and attempts to make sense of the role of men when the adult males close in her family appear insecure and without a stable place in the world, metaphorically expressed in the figure of Shakespeare Falstaff whereas at the same time she experiments with dressing like a boy perhaps following the path of many Shakespeare heroines. A discussion of thoughts behind and suggested by her acclaimed experimental, shape-shifting memoir.

Listen Again - The News Agents - 8 May 2021 - Sally Bayley 'No Boys Play Here'