Sunday, 6 December 2020

Sat 12 Dec - Ana Silvera - Bringing together inspiration from the Mourning Kaddish and kora music

 Ana Silvera discusses prayer and music as she releases Light, Console Me based on the Mourning Kaddish prayer of Jewish religion and talks about working with kora master Sefo Kanuteh from Gambia. This new piece is part of a virtual programme of events put together by Arts La'Olam based in Ipswich, Suffolk. With more musics on the theme of kora, the African lute/harp and prayer music from different traditions. For more information see

Sat 21 Nov - Wind Power & Kite Turbines - Rod Read

Rod Read from Windswept and interesting on wind power, particularly the potential in lo fi kite turbines. Notes from the airborne energy community and thoughts on alternative technology and weather systems. Plus fiddle music and song from the Shetland Islands.

Listen Again - Sat 21 Nov - Wind Power and Kite Turbines - Rod Read 

Sat 14 Nov - Rapture and radical Protestantism - Jason Dittmer and Alex Botten

Rapture, the end times and radical Protestantism. Jason Dittmer discusses different ideas in pre- and post-millenarianism and its knotty relationship with ethiss, morals and American politics. writer Alex Botten on rewriting St Paul. What might have happened on the road to Damascus and how to use the novel to explore religious and historical possibilities, exploring alternative readings of the early church through speculative fiction. For more information see

Listen Again - Sat 14 Nov - Rapture and radical Protestantism Jason Dittmer & Alex Botten