Sunday, 28 November 2021

Sat 4 Dec - Venezuelan Music & O'Connell & Love

Brendan O’Connell and Doc talk about the new O’Connell & Love album Will You Be There? A second studio album as aduo, produced during the pandemic. Larry Love is the singer from South London band Alabama 3 is an Ivor Novello Award-winning songwriter, best known for Woke Up This Morning, theme song of The Sopranos and its film prequel, The Many Saints Of Newark, released in September 2021. Plus a journey through some fragments of Venezuelan soundmaking through the 20th century and beyond.

The News Agents - 4 December 2021 (O'Connell & Love; Venezuelan Music) by Resonance FM | Mixcloud

Sat 27 Nov - Bev Lee Harling - Wah Wah 45s and Bloom Britannia


Bev Lee Harling introduces her new album ‘Little Anchor’ out on Wah Wah 45s Records. She reflects on her life in music in Hastings and London and on her role in Bloom Britannia, Barefoot Opera's new people's opera.

Listen Again - Bev Lee Harling - Sat 27 Nov

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Sat 20 Nov - Natalia Zagorska-Thomas - Polish Art and Music

Fine art, folk art and music looking at Polish influences. Natalia Zagorska-Thomas talks about Domestica Eccentrica, her work as a conservator, curator and artist and the meaning(s) of objects in theatre, museum and gallery.

The News Agents - 20 November 2021 (Natalia Zagorska-Thomas) by Resonance FM | Mixcloud

Saturday, 13 November 2021

Sat 13 Nov - John Knowles - A life in theatre

 John Knowles talks about his life in theatre as a playwright and more, from the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool to his latest play set around the enigma of the classic abandoned ship, ‘Marie Celeste and the Beast of the Bowery’. Plus theatrical and watery sounds.

The News Agents - 13 November 2021 (Life in Theatre: Playwright John Knowles) by Resonance FM | Mixcloud

Saturday, 6 November 2021

Sat 6 Nov - Jussi Parikka - Weather Engines

New media theorist Jussi Parikka on curating ‘Weather Engines’ with Daphne Dragona. Weather Engines is an art exhibition and a program of workshops, talks, and reading which reflects a sense of embodiment and environments of weather as techniques, affects, and politics. We mark the opening of the first exhibit, 'Hydromancy' by Matterlurgy which blends documentary with artistic intervention, considering the ocean as both a sensory environment and scientific object.

The News Agents - 6 November 2021 (Jussi Parikka: Weather Engines) by Resonance FM | Mixcloud