Saturday, 25 July 2020

Sat 25 July - A Tiny Band in the Rainforest - Sampler Album for Forest People

International and groovy tracks from artists asked to imagine what they might hear at a non-commercial gig on a small stage in the middle of rainforest. Any donations given for this first sampler will be sent to an indigenous-led human rights organisation to assist child refugees in Wamena, West Papua and all projects will raise awareness and funds for forest people throughout the world. The project is put together by Sarah Kate Michel (Pandora's Diary) and Jude Cowan Montague. Plus gnawa music from UK's foremost exponent of Moroccan gnawa music, Simo Lagnawi.

Listen Again - A Tiny Band in the Rainforest - Sat 25 July

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Sat 18 July - Martin Rowson & Jon Tregenna - PLAGUE SONGS

Martin Rowson and Jon Tregenna have produced an alternative musical poetry for our times. The Guardian cartoonist has produced a new ranting, boiling, rhyming splurge of poetry during lockdown which Jon Tregenna has set to music. Rowson & Tregenna speak about the project and the performers including Jane Williams from the Wild Willy Barrett Band and Jack Klaff, Bond henchman and much more.

Listen Again - Martin Rowson & Jon Tregenna - Plague Songs - Sat 18 July 2020

Sat 11 July - Chris Haigh 2 - Eastern Europe

Chris Haigh  violinist and fiddle educator on Eastern European traditions on his own journey of encounter with tunes and song from the other side of the Iron Curtain, growing up during the Cold War and being fascinated by musics of the former Soviet Union. Plus tunes from Chris's own theatrical Soviet Swing concept band the Kremlinaires. Chris is the author of Hungarian Fiddle Tunes and Exploring Klezmer Fiddle for Schott Music and his Youtube The Fiddle Channel  is educating a new generation of fiddle players.

Listen Again - Chris Haigh - Fiddle - Eastern Europe

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Sat 4 July - Chris Haigh - Violinist & International Treasury of Fiddlesticks

Chris Haigh violinist and fiddle educator shares something of his life story from Huddersfield Junior Orchestra through prog rock group the Speedy Bears to being the illuminary that we know and love for helping us through our instrument learning. Insights into playing swing, klezmer, 'composing a traditional sounding tune, riffs, bowing and styles. Is it hard to improvise? What is rock violin and why do so many guitar bands call you into the studio to play like the classical session players in Eleanor Rigby? Musings and some history. Plus country swing and I attempt a minor swing improvisation in the manner of Stephane Grappelli. Chris has written and published at least ten books covering so many aspects of fiddle education and in addition publishes useful 'how to' and information on the violin on 'The Fiddle Channel' on youtube  -

Listen Again - Sat 4 July 2020 - Chris Haigh - Fiddle Educator

Sat 27 June - Klezmer instrumental - Francesca Ter-Berg

Klezmer – A Vessel of Song. Cellist and musicologist Francesca Ter-Berg ( shares thoughts on the musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. Prayer, melody, beats, heterophony. With archival recordings and contemporary interpretations. For more information see

Listen Again - Francesca Ter-Berg - Klezer