Sunday, 27 September 2020

Sat 3 Oct - Spirograph & Love on the Isle of Dogs - Pauline Sewards & Jude Cowan Montague

Spirograph and Love on the Isle of Dogs'. Pauline Sewards has a new collection of poems which is nostalgic for a warm-hearted progressive belief in community arts. The good hearted individual scratches their way back to the surface, swimming through problems. We talk humanity, poetry and society before and after its ideals were crushed by Thatcherite indivualism. 'Love on the Isle of Dogs' is a graphic memoir by Jude Cowan Montague looking at falling in love and learning about psychosis. Two new books, two authors in conversation.

Listen Again - Sat 3 Oxt - Pauline Sewards - Spirograph & Love on the Isle of Dogs

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Sat 19 Sept - Ilana Cravitz - London International Klezmer Festival

Leading Klezmer revivalist in the UK, Ilana Cravitz, discusses the ground-breaking London International Klezmer Experience a new festival rolled out during lockdown, Other projects include Nign a day, which brings together yiddish fiddle players to play multiple nigns from Beregovski’s Jewish Musical Folklore. With klezmer music. 


Listen Again - Sat 19 Sept - Ilana Cravitz - London International Klezmer Experience 

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Sat 12 Sept - Ana Lagidze - Georgian music and arts

Georgian music and arts with Ana Lagidze, professional architect and lecturer and keen musician. Presenting a selection of tunes and songs from Georgian traditions plus an introduction to folk art of the country. Much of Georgia's traditions are preserved in the forest and mountains but these are areas that are suffering high depopulation. Georgian choral singing has travelled around the world but there is much more to the craft and the song and dance forms. This discussion spreads a little of this rich knowledge outside the Kartvelian and Laz community.


Listen Again - Sat 12 Sept - Ana Lagidze and Georgian music and art 



Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Sat 5 Sept - Lizzie No - contemporary folk/country songwriting from NYC


Lizzie No talks about the NYC folk scene and her own take on playing contemporary traditional music, whatever that means to us today. One of our rising songwriting stars, with her work described as both 'understated and fervent' (Billboard Magazine) Lizzie shares with us her thoughts on song, lyrics, American folk and her own music. Plus more on poetry and folk art in music history on both sides of the Atlantic from a female perspective.