Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sat 19 Dec - HUMAN SECURITY: Hannah Bryce on demining and humanitarian intervention

HUMAN SECURITY: Hannah Bryce on keeping people safe in and after conflict

Hannah Bryce has managed demining programmes in Sudan, South Sudan and Vietnam and has been at the International Security Department of Chatham House since 2013. She talks about the role and impact of humanitarian intervention especially in Sudan and South Sudan.

Sat 12 Dec - BIRD NEWS: Robbie Judkins and Catherine Clover

Cheep Trills

Avian messages interpreted with sound art. Composer Robbie Judkins has recently visited Morocco where he has collected sqwarks, trills and warbles. He discusses his on-the-road archiving and Jude CM intertwines bird stories from the news agency feeds. With guest contributions in corvid communication from poet/installationist Catherine Clover.

A joint performance piece between Robbie, Catherine and Jude