Saturday, 28 February 2015

Sat 7 March - Leila Segal on Voices of Freedom / Shahed Saleem on the development of the British mosque

Leila Segal author, poet and founder of Voice of Freedom, a participatory photography project for formerly trafficked women in Israel, Ethiopia, UK and beyond. The project enables women to document their lives through the camera lens and supports them as they create often powerful and intimate texts, in their own words of survival, hope and resilience to accompany the images. The exhibitions by the women have been hosted by Amnesty International UK, the Anti Slavery Society and recently at renowned human rights law chambers Matrix.
Shahed Saleem, architect and author of The British Mosque: A Social and Architectural History,will be discussing the development of the British Mosque with Rebecca Feiner. Commissioned by English Heritage it is the first authoritative survey of the British mosque. He will be discussing his journey from east London to Yorkshire and beyond revealing the story of a building type, which has had and continues to have, a major impact on the urban landscape and has introduced the visual language of Islamic architectural symbolism to the UK street scape.

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