Monday, 16 February 2015

Sat 21 Feb - Lara Pawson on the Jimmy Mubenga Trial / Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick on making art post Charlie Hebdo

Lara Pawson talks about the trial which has cleared the G4S security guards of the manslaughter of Angolan refugee Jimmy Mugenga. The choice of the Old Bailey judge not to allow the jury to consider the evidence of racist texts sent by the defenders, has exposed court process to criticism from protestors and the Institute of Race Relations. In relation to this topic, we will discuss how environments might enforce and structure power, taking as our starting point James Bridle's exhibition, 'Seamless Transitions' currently at the Photographers' Gallery.

Glenn Fitzy Fizpatrick is an artist and former soldier who works in diverse visual media.
'After the Charlie Hebdo incident, I felt so devastated by the killings and was left asking myself why, I know we need mutual respect of each others cultures but honestly was art really worth dying for? Since 2007 I started to work in pen drawing highly detailed drawings that would question the wars, our economy, our environment and the need for an ultimate consumerist society. After seven years of drawing purely in pen and saving the empties I knew one day I would make a sculpture out of this product, but what could I possibly make that would suggest and amalgamate my journey and quest for peace. After seeing the people holding up the pen in support of freedom of speech around the world I knew it was time to make a sculpture with the empty pens, without question I made a machine gun out of pens, a suggestion the pen is mightier then the sword, and with this we still have the power to make the world a better place. Titled 'Empty Magazine' I found the link between the Hebdo deaths and the emptying of a machine gun magazine left me with a chilled emotion that had to be placed emphasis upon.'


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