Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sat 27 Jan - Kristin Hjellegerde - GALLERY ART and International Socio-political Themes

Kristin Hjellegerde on the work of her West London gallery in promoting international artists including Ephrem Solomon's expanded woodcuts on silence in Ethiopia and Zhu Wei's social commentary blending ink painting with socio-political themes in post-Tiannamen China.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Sat 20 Jan - SUSAN SCHULMAN - Syria, Jordan and 'Collateral Damage'

Award-winning photo-journalist and artist Susan Schulman on Syria , destruction and reconstruction and varied international and personal stories from the world of reportage including going behind the familiar and euphemistic phrase 'collateral damage'.

Listen Again - Susan Schulman - Syria, collateral damage, Congo communications

Sat 13 Jan - TISNA WESTERHOF - Delft, delicacy and motherhood.

Artist Tisna Westerhof
discusses childhood and cultural encounter in contemporary urban London and the Netherlands. Looking at
international and national images of violence in the media and applying filters of nostalgia and craft to interrogate
the emotional impact of what the public consumes via news and other providers.

Listen Again - Tisna Westerhof - Sat 13 Jan

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Mon 25 Dec - 1pm - Umia K - VIRGIN BIRTH

Christmas/Festive News Agents

Discussing the virgin birth, the psychology of Mary, unwanted pregnancy and the nativity story from the perspective of Two Wise Women. A contemporary look at the Marian conception from a digital perspective with original story, poetry and soundscaping.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Sat 16 Dec - AUSTIN VON NEW - Fashion and appropriation

Austin von New discusses fashion and appropriation, visual nonsense, pop culture, psychedelia alongside music in the hot house of London and street culture. Sharing thoughts on alternative strategies of international and artistic collaboration. A show about design and illustration focusing on pop, print, style and production.

Listen Again - Austin Von New - Design and Pop Street Visuals

Monday, 4 December 2017

Sat 9 Dec - NADENE GHOURI - The Lightless Sky

The Lightless Sky: Nadene Ghouri, multi-award winning journalist discusses her work as an author and international journalist. She educates reporters for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and co-authored 'The Favoured Daughter' about the life of Afghan human rights Fawzia Koofi and 'Born into the Children of God' with cult survivor Natacha Tormey. She is a former correspondent of both the BBC and Al Jazeera English and today is a freelance broadcaster and reporter working for BBC current affairs and leading publications including The Guardian and Mail on Sunday.

Listen Again - The Lightless Sky - Nadene Ghouri

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sat 2 Dec - Letters from an Alternative Earth with UMIA K

A warning of impending ecological disaster and a tribute to the women of twentieth century science fiction including Tanith Lee, Judith Merril, Margaret St Clair and Ursula le Guin. With Umia K.

Listen Again - Women of Science Fiction - Umia K