Monday, 21 October 2019

Sat 19 Oct - TARTU Estonia - Centre of Creativity

Tartu, Estonia, will be European city culture 2024. Meeting the people behind the success at Tartu Centre of Creative Industries, and appreciating Estonian radical popular music with composer Olav Ehala the composer who scored Nukitsamees (Bumpy), and Ahto Külvet of happening underworld vinyl shop Psühhoteek and vinyl dance-listening lectures, Psühhodisko.

Listen Again - Sat 19 Oct - Tartu, Estonia - Centre of Creativity

Sat 12 Oct - Rebecca Feiner, Bill Parry-Davies and Ben Wakeling - PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY and OUTSIDER ART

Guest host Rebecca Feiner talks to campaigning lawyer and jazz saxophonist Bill Parry-Davies, known for his sonic collaborations on psychogeography with Iain Sinclair. Plus Outsider Gallery director Ben Wakeling on its current exhibition of paintings from NHS Mental health, Forensics, CAMHS and HMP Institutions.

Listen Again - Sat 12 Oct - Rebecca Feiner, Bill Parry-Davies, Ben Wakeling, OUTSIDER ART and PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY

Sat 6 Oct - Film songs - RITA BRAGA

Film songs and news stories. Looking at different musical numbers on screen that have interacted with actuality stories, plus other favourite songs. Clips and live performance with Rita Braga.

Listen Again - Sat 6 Oct - RITA BRAGA - Film songs and news stories in music

Sat 28 Sept - SHANNON ELIZABETH HARDWICK - Parenting and Poetry, Texas USA and Cambridge UK

Experiments in news and arts with Jude Cowan Montague. Today: American poet Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick on the magic of parenting and poetry, body dysmorphia, optimism, recovery from trauma, her upbringing in a Texas family and her recent move to Cambridge with small children. Plus extra guest spot from musician Rita Braga

Listen Again - Sat 28 Sept - SHANNON ELIZABETH HARDWICK - Parenting and Poetry, Texas and Cambridge

Sat 21 Sept - Chris Simpson - Passaggiatina & ITALIAN FILM SCORES

Experiments in news and arts with Jude Cowan Montague. This week: Chris Simpson from the Passaggiatina residencies in Atina, Lazio discusses four years of making and curating art in the Apennines. Plus Italian film scores and composers; and selections from the Simon King Collection of vinyl. For more information see

Listen Again - Sept 21 - Passaggiatina and Italian Film Scores

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Sat 14 Sept - PASSAGGIATINA 2019 - Lazio Art Residency Report

The annual art residency in the Apennines reports back on creativity and cultural interaction of this Summer. With Chris Simpson, Lisa McKendrick, Riitta Hakkarainen and other artists. This year the theme of the goddess Mefiti became an unofficial theme, the ancient pagan worship of the mountains of the South Italy and the vulcanesque deity of nearby Pompei. A highlight of this year was a trip to Canneto to the shrine of the Black Madonna to the source of the River Melfa, named after the forgotten goddess.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Sat 6 July - SONGS OF SWEDEN - Kulning, skyllingtryck and Birger Sjöberg

Songs of Sweden. Kulning or herding calls, nyckelharpa, schlager, the murder and crime ballads of the early 20th century and the faux-naive poetry-song of writer Birger Sjöberg, tremendously popular in his lifetime but who left no recordings.