Monday, 20 November 2017

Sat 25 Nov - JUDY DYBLE - Summer Dancing in Wintertime

Judy Dyble, singer-songwriter and founding member of Fairport Convention discusses the folk revival and her recent output with guitarist Andy Lewis.She reflects on ephemerality and seasonality in music and culture. With live acapella song.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Sat 18 Nov - Boundaries and Blocks: DOUG HAYWOOD

Sound artist and resident of Tower Hamlets Doug Haywood takes us on a walk through East End architecture from slum to social experimentation to show stoppers. Aesthetics, bold design and sculpture in the an area of the city previously visited for poverty tourism and described as 'outlaw London'. Population change, post-war rebuilding and what the hot new architects did with their council contracts.

Listen Again - Doug Haywood - Tower Hamlets Brutalism - Sat 18 Nov

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Sat 11 Nov - ILLUSION AND SYMBOL : Jack Catling on wonder and visual media

Artist Jack Catling discusses the magician, wonder and visual media. Looking at how conjuring helped create early British cinema and considering how magical ideas can bring emotion and vitality to contemporary art.

Listen Again - Magic and Art - Jack Catling

Sat 4 Nov - Hospital Architecture and Brazilian Poetry: ALICE HSIEH

Architect and poet Alice Hsieh discusses social architecture, hospital design, virtual reality and ethics in new development. She reflects on aspects of Brazilian culture and introduces her original poetry. With live studio improvisation.

Listen Again - Alice Hseih - Architecture and Portuguese Poetry

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Sat 28 Oct - MINUTES AND SOLOS. Sean Bruno and Luke Dixon

Creating and collecting with the Centre of Solo Performance. Sean Bruno and Luke Dixon discuss live art, e-performance, and how to move from stage to digital. They introduce their new project MINUTES collecting 60 seconds of audio from performers all over the world. The Minutes is an active archive of monologues, stories, live art works, spoken words, songs, essays, jokes, commentary, haikus, loud breathings and anything else a microphone can catch in 60 seconds.

Listen Again - Sean Bruno and Luke Dixon, Solo Performance and Minutes

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Sat 21 Oct - GREEK ART: debt and visual media with Vicky Zigras

Artist and media archivist Vicky Zigras reflects on the visual arts and how these are being affected by the economic situation and government debt-crisis in her home country of Greece. She follows in the footsteps of an artistic family and discusses the work of her mother Dora Zigras alongside that of well-known contemporary artists such as Theodoros Stamos, Miltos Manetas, Lydia Venieri and the filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos. With Hellenic-inspired sounds from rembetiko to reflective composition.

Listen Again - Vicky Zigras - Greek Art

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Sat 14 Oct - LAKE TWINS: Mirror Twins

Mirrors and Twins. The Lake Twins discuss their practice collaboratively and the presence of twins in art and the media, in particular monozygotic sororal siblings. With two younger twins  the Thompsons coincidentally also from SE London, the sisters share their own feelings about reflected asymmetry of their own biology Phoebe and Lydia explore the unspoken intimacy they experience as mirror twins and what they perceive to be a unified consciousness.

Mirrors and Twins and Art : The Lake Twins - Sat 14 Oct