Saturday, 6 October 2018

Sat 13 Oct - Carali McCall - RUNNING AS DRAWING

Running as drawing. Carali McCall explores performative making, the limits of drawing, points of relationship between the body, athleticism, repetition. Looking at the body of London testing unusual routes and contacts between architecture and the individual human. Inevitably we also discuss the labyrinth of bureaucracy encountered when proposing stunt art with her project Running up the Side of the Building.

Listen Again - Carali McCall - Running as Drawing


Children, migration and making pictures. Artist and theatre designer Riitta Hakkarainen talks about her recent illustration project working alongside academic research into experiences of children crossing borders in north and eastern Europe and beyond, and contemplates at how it might feel to be the 'baggage' of adults on their cultural and trans-national journeys. She shares some gems from her growing collection of Soviet and other books for children and we play songs with lyrics in Latvian, Finnish and other languages to help paint the stories for radio.

Listen Again - Riitta Haikkarainen - Children, migration and illustrations

Sat 29 Sept - LONDON COMPOSERS PLATFORM - Stirling Copland and Bertie Douglas

London Composers Platform is part of a new generation challenging elitism and encouraging cultural diversity in classical and instrumental music. Stirling Copland and Bertie Douglas will be talking about being co-founders of this non-profit organisation and sharing their own compositions. The LCP makes unique open calls for any interested to contribute to regular events and concerts, enabling London based writers from all musical and cultural backgrounds to have work performed by expert enthusiastic musicians. Discussing Hammond organs to oboes to violins with moody lighting and original solo piano pieces. Instagram @londoncomposersplatform
Listen Again - London Composers Platform - Bertie Douglas & Stirling Copland