Sunday, 27 September 2020

Sat 3 Oct - Spirograph & Love on the Isle of Dogs - Pauline Sewards & Jude Cowan Montague

Spirograph and Love on the Isle of Dogs'. Pauline Sewards has a new collection of poems which is nostalgic for a warm-hearted progressive belief in community arts. The good hearted individual scratches their way back to the surface, swimming through problems. We talk humanity, poetry and society before and after its ideals were crushed by Thatcherite indivualism. 'Love on the Isle of Dogs' is a graphic memoir by Jude Cowan Montague looking at falling in love and learning about psychosis. Two new books, two authors in conversation.

Listen Again - Sat 3 Oxt - Pauline Sewards - Spirograph & Love on the Isle of Dogs

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