Thursday, 2 July 2020

Sat 4 July - Chris Haigh - Violinist & International Treasury of Fiddlesticks

Chris Haigh violinist and fiddle educator shares something of his life story from Huddersfield Junior Orchestra through prog rock group the Speedy Bears to being the illuminary that we know and love for helping us through our instrument learning. Insights into playing swing, klezmer, 'composing a traditional sounding tune, riffs, bowing and styles. Is it hard to improvise? What is rock violin and why do so many guitar bands call you into the studio to play like the classical session players in Eleanor Rigby? Musings and some history. Plus country swing and I attempt a minor swing improvisation in the manner of Stephane Grappelli. Chris has written and published at least ten books covering so many aspects of fiddle education and in addition publishes useful 'how to' and information on the violin on 'The Fiddle Channel' on youtube  -

Listen Again - Sat 4 July 2020 - Chris Haigh - Fiddle Educator

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