Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sat 11 July - Susana Sanroman on La Movida! Galician Canibal! Spain in the time of Franco and beyond

Discussion with Susana Sanroman, artist, on Galicia, Spain and art in the time of Franco and beyond.
Susana takes us through her experience and research as a woman from Galicia born just after the Franco regime. A fascinating journey.
Includes the song 'Pepa' with improvised delivery and melody, sung by prisoners in Franco's prison awaiting the knowledge of who would be taken for execution.
Susana also discusses the role of women in the resistance to Franco.

After Franco died, a new time of youthful self-expression erupted in Madrid. La Movida! Galician Canibal was the equivalent in her home region. Susana shares videos of some of the musical groups spearheading these movements.

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