Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sat 13 June - Heidi Kingstone and Dispatches from the Kabul Cafe

Heidi Kingstone: 'Dispatches from the Kabul Café'

Kabul is one of the fastest growing cities on the world, and over 3.500 years old. It is full of stories of women which are rarely heard. Journalist and author Heidi Kingstone shares recollections of conversations and incidents from  her time reporting from Afghanistan from 2007-2011, the last years of ISAF-controlled Kabul. Her book, 'Dispatchs form the Kabul Cafe' is a personal narrative over a four year period, living and working as a foreign correspondent in the capital of the Islamic Republic, and its nuanced, hard-hitting anecdotes are informed by Heidi's passionate support for women's rights.
with Jude Cowan Montague

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