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Sat 9 May - Katy Evans-Bush - Essays, Conversation and Blogging the life of London

Katy Evans-Bush, whose blog 'Baroque in Hackney' was nominated for the George Orwell prize, talks about her new book of essays forthcoming with Penned in the Margins. She is a Salt poet and cultural commenter and her unique blog has been praised by English PEN as "free speech in action". Independent, unscripted discussion may range over such subjects as unhappy hipsters, this cold spring, the fate of the artist and writers being 'as mad as hell and not going to take it any more.'

About: Baroque in Hackney and more (from Katy's website, retrieved 3/5/2015)

This blog has been running since 1 June, 2006, when I started it because Jane Holland told me I had to. She was right. It’s gone through many incarnations since then and it has made many things happen. The title was a joke, based on the American pronunciation of ‘Baroque': I had just been made (for only the first time, it turned out) redundant. Its slightly deeper resonance was the sadness of having no money and being in Hackney and loving nice things. But Hackney itself is a nice thing, a lovely and wonderful place with a deep rich history. The blog, I hope, reflects its cosmopolitan heritage.

The aim from the start has been to write about poetry, but also about the kinds of things a person who likes poetry might also be interested in. My ideal reader is myself. In practice this has meant I write in a general way, about culture, with a sort of preponderance of poetry news; and that around the year of the cuts (when I lost my last full-time job) the blog waxed pretty political for a time.

As well as Baroque in Hackney, I’m a partner also in the photographic London website, The London Column, run by David Secombe.

See the Poetry pages for my poetry and so on. I write poetry, and reviews for assorted poetry magazines, and features on social media and self-publishing for MsLexia magazine. Essays and opinion pieces have appeared in books and magazines around the place. In 2010 I was editor of Salt Publishing’s Horizon Review magazine for a year, before it folded.

Hosted by Alice Foster.

'Egg Printing Explained', Katy's second published poetry collection
Salt Publishing, published June 2011

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