Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sat 28 March - Ebola, a river of fear. Plus palm-wine music.

A year after the Ebola outbreak was declared, the fear that gripped the world and news organisations is still feeding our apocalyptic zeitgeist.

Singer-songwriter Bunton Cole, who grew up in Sierra Leone, will perform and speak about his band, the Zambezi Experience. Tune in to hear palm-wine melodies.

Vincent from Nostalgie Ya Mboka joins our panel to discuss politics of music in Africa.


The Ebola River, also commonly known by its indigenous name Legbala,[1] is the headstream of the Mongala River, a tributary of the Congo River, in northern Democratic Republic of the Congo.[2] It is roughly 250 km in length.

The name Ebola is a French corruption of Legbala, its name in the Ngbandi language which means "white water".[3] During the Belgian administration these names were interchangeable along with the French names Eau Blanche[1] and rarely L'√Čbola.[3]

In 1976, Ebola virus (EBOV) was first identified in Yambuku, 60 miles from the Ebola River, but Professor Peter Piot decided to name it after the river so that the town would not be associated with the disease's stigma.[3] Thus, the river is eponymous to the terms Ebola virus, Ebolavirus, and Ebola virus disease.[4] Despite afterwards discovering that the Ebola River was not in close proximity to the Yambuku village, the virus name was preserved. Wikipedia, retrieved 24 March 2015

A show curated by Alice Foster.

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